Proof Of Concept Project | Wimbledon Brewery UI

Wimbledon Brewery UI – This project was carried out through a local agency based in Wimbledon. After some initial meetings and discussions with the agency Director, I was commissioned to come up with an early proof of concept for a new website idea for Wimbledon Brewery. It was to pitch a new idea.

I was commissioned for only the ideas and visualisation stages of the project. My part was to come up with a new UI ( user interface ).

In this post, I wanted to share both my involvement, and some of the processes to create for this project.


Gathering Research | Working With The Brief

At first, I went over the brief with my client and discussed the limitations or any important criteria that would affect the project.

After collecting together all of the information for the project, I then set about gathering some additional research and ideas. This could range anything from looking at recommended drinks companies, looking at competitor websites to seeing what we could learn. And browsing Pinterest to name a few.

What was important – was that the brand image of the company was sustained. The UI design needs to stand on its own two feet with the brand being seamlessly integrated.

Roughing Out Ideas

Once some of the initial research was collected together, I then set about putting together the low-fidelity visuals and ideas to share and discuss.

Wimbledon Brewery UI - low fidelity UI

Initial Design & UI Kit Pieces

Bit by bit, I started to put together some initial designs for the various components on the page. For example boilerplates, brand accents, information cards, and the main navigation amongst other important pieces of content.

The design process and the idea generation were created modularly. Key components were examined in close detail before committing them to a polished design and compiled into pages in their entirety.

Wimbledon Brewery UI
Wimbledon Brewery UI kit

Proof Of Concept | ( POC )

After the various stages of discussion and mutual brainstorming with the client. I then started to put together some complete and polished visuals for the early proof of concept for a new website.

Wimbledon Brewery UI
*This was put together for illustration purposes only

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