How we created a killer Kickstarter page quickly on shoe string budget

This post covers how we planned, created and constructed a Kickstarter page down to the most intricate detail with a demanding deadline. We wanted to create a page that would both captivate prospective backers and sell a product… the page needed to be created quickly.

The crowdfunding page is a final hurdle, the last and important bastion of your project which shouldn’t be ignored.

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How to create a killer Kickstarter page

As you may or may not be aware, creating A Kickstarter isn’t a small undertaking.There are so many contributing factors that can influence the success of your campaign, these can range from the product you are trying promote, the size of your audience, your marketing, page design, your authenticity – the design of the page is a single element of a much larger project.

Rough diagram for creating a Kickstarter page
Rough diagram for creating a Kickstarter page (feel free to share)

This post focuses on the page design, being a designer this was my largest part in creating project.


Plan your page design

If you are well underway with creating a Kickstarter or a crowdfunding project then you are probably fully aware of how much you have on your plate. You may considering, the video, the hero header that pulls backers to your page but, have you considered the ‘content’ on your actual page once you have potential backer the page?

Research and ‘rough out’ your Kickstarter page

You shouldn’t just jump into your graphics package and start making pretty things. Before getting stuck into the details of your Kickstarter it would wise to look at other successful campaigns and inspect what cool elements they have on their pages. When we created pages, we did a lot of research and studied a lot of cool page designs. You shouldn’t copy but it is worth looking at the best bits of campaigns to see what they are doing right – especially if they are promoting a similar product.

Now start designing your page

If you have an idea of how you want your page to behave or act now could be a time to move onto your graphic design. The page only about creating a fancy theme, it needs to have easy to read content packed with relevant and interesting information about your campaign and product. Sell the value of you campaign and product.

Keep it clear and concise

As above you, you need to keep your page easy to navigate. The backer should be able to skim the content easily and pick out the useful data. Such as ; what the product is, rewards and when you are intending to manufacture the game.

Make the rewards stand out

Web users are impatient. Make the rewards easy to find in the body of your page and make them look exciting. You want to grab a potential buyers attention and drive them to make a call to action. For example – ‘back your campaign’.

Be Authentic

The crowdfunding community can sniff out anything that is a little bit ‘off’ with your campaign – it’s like blood the shark. Be as honest and as open as possible to save yourself the trouble. You should be clear and open with your backers, you want them to trust you! Using rendered images, fluffy ‘Maybe’ language, or concealing parts of the project will only arouse suspicion when at this delicate stage you want to win trust.

Tell a story

Who are you and why are you doing a Crowdfunding campaign? Don’t be afraid to create a story about why you want funding and why others should feel as passionate about your campaign.


To convince a backer that you are able to fulfil your demand, you will need a to make sure you cover a fews things on your page. Do you have previous experience in what you are trying to create? How many years experience do you have? Do you have a trusted supplier? Etc etc. You don’t have to focus on all the fears of your project, but mentioning a couple can add an extra layer of sincerity to you and your project.

Make it interesting

Keep your page interesting, you want to hold the backers attention for as long as possible. Writing line after line of text about your campaign is too much. You need to break up the information and make it easy to skim. Vary the page by including diagrams, illustrations, photo’s, animations, videos, timelines and any other element that could stimulate the reader. This is about designing your content and how you intend for it to be read. Make it great for ‘them’ not you.

A killer page isn’t a guarantee

With all of this excitement about creating a killer Kickstarter page getting bouncing with joy, I feel it is only responsible for me to say his – A killer Kickstrarter page doesn’t guarantee success.The page is a slice of a very big crowdfunding cake, an important slice, but not the only part.

The page design is important but it is useless If you are creating it for no audience to see it.

But don’t scrimp on the page design either

The crowdfunding page is an import stage to the campaign, don’t neglect it. The page design is your last port of call – a landing page – to convert a speculate backer into your product champion!

That was a guideline that will hopefully fast track your page design

That was a guideline to create a cool page quickly. The page I designed came from study and collaboration and a little sauce of our own. Below outlays my involvement in the creating the Kickstarter.

Guess poo, was a parody game about ‘guessing’ what poo your opposing player has. You can read more on my crowdfunding design services here >

The Characters – the character were an important part of game, this is where I can go to twon on creating characters that will capture the infantile fun and playful nature of Guess Poo. The Character Illustration are a composite drawing created by me using a pen and illustrator.

Guess Poo character vector art for crowdfunding page
Poo characters created by me

Time Line – a pooing timeline, how could I resist. A game about poo, it would have to be a sewage pipe. Pipeline

Vector graphics of kickstarter page
The Time + the top of the Kickstarter Page
character design

Video intro, placed at the start of the video on the Kickstarter Page.

Did you know?

That you can integrate your campaign with Google analytics and see how many visits the page is getting? I would recommend doing it, it will show you the peaks times for you campaign.

Thank you for reading, if you would like help with you campaign or design project feel free to get in touch.

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