hyperlapse in After Effects example

Hyper-lapse – hyperlapse in after effects example

hyperlapse in after effects example | I felt this would make an OK first post, a sped up version of me cleaning up some artwork in Photoshop with a bit of hyper-lapsed (time-lapse) for your viewing.

This post shows a hyper-lapsed video taken from my desktop, showing me ‘whiting out’ in Photoshop, removing scuffs from the scan, adding shadows and adding in highlights the brush tool.

Although this is a hyperlapse example, the actual leg work for Photoshoping was created in Adobe Photoshop using a brush tool to white out.

Thank you for watching. This Hyper-lapse video was made using After Effects.

For more clips feel free to view on Youtube >

Artwork Copyright JD Odell 2017

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