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Cool email marketing ideas: this post displays some of the visuals that were used to win business, convert leads and maybe give someone a little smile! These email designs all copyrighted and cannot be used for commercial purposes. By all means, feel free to use these designs for ideas and inspiration.

Summer Promotion Header

This is part of an older campaign in which the 3D character was posed and laid flat onto a beach towel – yes he has cheesiness that was created to get a small smile and an eye roll. The character is a symbol of the company personalty, a mascot that was both happy and fun.

Idea email marketing - header design
There he is cheesing his way off you screen!

This header was created to be an eye-catching piece to pull the viewer into the campaign. This header helped to set the scene of a summer promotion and products that went along with it. The character is 3D render overlaid into some texture created in Photoshop. The textures were created by me.

Science Cup – General product campaign

Email campaign template
branded Email campaign

This email template became the standard HTML format for many email campaigns with an opening title that could be read before the reader needed to press the “download images” button. The focus image is placed at the top of the email campaign in the hope of catching the attention of the reader quickly. Many of the email campaigns were heavily branded also moving on from static width campaigns to responsive email marketing.

Idesign 3 4 2

This was part of a much, much larger marketing campaign to promote a product in which you could create your own smartphone case. The colouring, and the theme were a continuation of the existing branding for the product range with the punk pink and black tech feel which emulated the packaging. In addition to the look of the campaign, additional visuals and elements were added, such as the creative typography and the CTA’s buttons. All visual aspects of the campaign tried to not only respect the branding and the marketing of the campaign but the actively endorse it.

Branded email campaign design + PDF
Branded email campaign design + PDF

As time went on, subsequent campaigns were created to promote or sell the product. Like the image below shows.

Additional email marketing design / campaign
Additional email marketing campaign

There are other campaigns in terms of look and feel but many have a similar brand look and feel. As time evolved I created campaigns that were not only visual but easier to template and change the characteristics and contents. This proved to be invaluable for tight deadlines.

Cool e-mail campaign ideas

Thank you for reading this post about my email campaign design. You can either contact me directly for more information or you slap me for drafting up the Satzuma man lying down on a beach towel. Either way, feel free to say hello.

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