Posts to help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop

Help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop – here we come! This post has consolidated some of my more popular and useful posts to help you with your design creations, games & Photoshop. There are many other posts but I can link everything single thing here.

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help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop
help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop

Creating something new or trying to find inspiration can be a bit tricky – I know, I have been there and I can imagine that this will be something that will continue to come about in life as a creative Designer & Developer.

When I try to create a post, I try to write something that will both be helpful, relevant and useful to the reader, this blog, after all, is more than just a diary – its a resource for sharing my experience and offer help.

So here goes, useful links to help you with design, games, and photoshop

Photoshop & Drawing

This is something that I intend to expand upon in the future. As of this date here are some of my links for drawing and Photoshop.

The posts above cover tried and tested methods for speedy shortcuts and how to draw with a Wacom Tablet for your computer and digital drawing.

Board Games Tips / Design

These posts cover some very useful tips and ideas for a board game or party game. If you are toiling over some decisions of what to do and how to go about selling your game, hopefully, these will offer some insights.

Apps & Games

In these links below cover some handy tips for creating video games, Apps, unity and STEM/e-learning games. It should also be noted that these are portfolio pieces that have been created by me in the past.

there is little else I can say for this apart from unity is great and free

this post covers all the details and information I used to create STEM game

And, although this is away from this blog – a Sandpit website for testing Unity games and applications. Feel free to have a look if you have a moment, you can actually play some of these games from your browser.

Thank you for reading this little repository of useful posts to help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop. If you feel it could be of use to you or wish to share on social media then please feel free to do so.

Useful posts to help with Graphic Design, Games & Photoshop

See you later!